ATL Career Journey

The ATL Career Journey Podcast

Thank you for joining me on the ATL Career Journey podcast. I am happy to share my conversations with some amazing guests who have provided their insight and advice on how they got where they are today.  I hope you enjoy this podcast and would love to hear your feedback!

About the Host

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Paul Varnedoe

Paul Varnedoe is the host of the ATL Career Journey Podcast where he interviews successful people to share their career journey experience. With more than 30 years in the IT industry and consulting space, Paul has seen his share of career changes, pivots, and detours along the way! He has mentored high school and college students about their career path and was eager to share those experiences to a broader audience. In addition to hosting this podcast, Paul works for a large cloud provider to help organizations migrate their applications and services to the cloud. Paul earned a bachelor's degree in business from Georgia Tech and is also on the board of the Georgia Tech Business Network. When he's not working or podcast, you can usually find Paul hiking, golfing, or following his favorite sports teams.