Aug. 26, 2020

Episode 11 - Will Devlin, Vice President, MessageGears

Episode 11 - Will Devlin, Vice President, MessageGears
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This week's guest is Will Devlin, Vice President of MessageGears.  Will and I worked together at a small eCommerce company called ShopVisible.  He was instrumental in getting our clients set up with an online strategy, marketing plan, and best practices.  He has since moved into the world of email marketing and has demonstrated his leadership in that industry.  He offered up some great advice about knowing your strengths and being open to new opportunities.  We both highly value integrity and character and his strategy for embracing your current path can be applied to all of us.  I always learn something new when I chat with Will and today was no different. You can learn more about Will on Linkedin or at MessageGears.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit