Nov. 25, 2020

Episode 30 - Kacie Lett Gordon, Connector, Problem Solver

Episode 30 - Kacie Lett Gordon, Connector, Problem Solver
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My guest for Episode 30 is Kacie Lett Gordon, who is happily taking time off right now! I met Kacie when she led the strategy team at Three Five Two, which is an innovation and growth firm. Kacie's LinkedIn bio describes herself as a connector and problem solver and I can't agree more. She's smart, professional, a great servant leader, and can read the room as well as anyone. I was lucky enough to have her interview me for one of their Off the Record events and today I have the privilege to interview her in return! She just launched her own podcast F*** It All that explores the challenges women have while trying to have "it all". Learn more about Kacie on LinkedIn or listen to her podcast.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit