Oct. 25, 2020

Episode 24 – Rob Phillips, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Atlassian

Episode 24 – Rob Phillips, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Atlassian
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My guest for Episode 24 is Rob Phillips, who is an Enterprise Solutions Architect at Atlassian. Rob has been passionate about Agile Development and Business Agility since we met at Equifax. We both have Georgia Tech backgrounds and he's taken on some interesting roles with agile since Equifax. Rob is a rare Georgia native and we talked about growing up in this football-passionate state, his path to Georgia Tech, and the value of enjoying your college experience. His journey took him from a co-op student to consulting before landing in the financial services industry. Rob discusses his best practices for success which including a bias for action, learning from your setbacks, giving back, and enjoying the ride that life presents. I hope you enjoy this episode!You can learn more about Rob on LinkedIn or his company Atlassian.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices