Dec. 13, 2020

Episode 32 - Scott Margulis, Senior Systems Engineer, SAIC

Episode 32 - Scott Margulis,  Senior Systems Engineer, SAIC
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My guest for Episode 32 of the Atlanta Career Journey podcast is Scott Margulis, who is a Senior Systems Engineer at SAIC. I've known Scott since we were in middle school and have kept in touch for over 40 years! As a career Navy veteran, he initially followed his passion for flying and became a Naval Aviator. After a decade of flying, Scott decided to pivot and focus on computer science and cyber security. He leveraged educational opportunities while in the military to obtain two graduate degrees. Scott's keys to success include vision, setting small goals, and be willing to take on new challenges. I really enjoyed catching up with my old friend and hope you enjoy it too!You can learn more about Scott on LinkedIn.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit