June 27, 2021

Episode 47 - Doug Isenberg, Founder, GigaLaw

Episode 47 - Doug Isenberg, Founder, GigaLaw
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My guest for Episode 47 of the ATL Career Journey podcast is Doug Isenberg, who is the founder of the GigaLaw Firm.  Doug and I worked together at the International Olympic Committee when we were part of Meridian Management.  He was one of the few people there that really understood technology and the potential legal implications that the internet could pose.  I always found Doug to be incredibly smart, humble, hardworking, and insightful.  He had a great way of breaking down complex situations into simpler concepts to understand.  Some of Doug's advice for young professionals is to focus more on your interests, less on the money, and don't be distracted by other people's career paths.  Your job satisfaction will increase and that will drive your ability to succeed. 

You can learn more about Doug on LinkedIn or his website giga.law.